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The Book

A limited series of 200 collector's quality books were printed in Caracas, Venezuela. 

$10,000 from the sale of It Suddenly Occurred will go to HUMANITARIAN ACTION ORG and their work aiding the Venezuelan refugee crisis.

IT SUDDENLY OCCURRED TO ME is a compilation of  YADIRA SILVA’S texts, written sporadically within the last 30 years. Photographs from CARLOS P. BELTRAN (taken in Caracas from 2009 to 2014) set the stage for Silva’s stories depicting the world that she knew as a young woman—from textured streets to candid portraits.

It took more than two years to find Silva’s manuscripts —tucked away in an abandoned apartment after she fled Venezuela due to political persecution.


Nine handwritten notebooks were digitized, transcribed, edited, translated into English, and, eventually, sequenced along with the photographs.

Under the curatorship and conceptual direction of award-winning designer, FARIDE MEREB, the book becomes more than a biography, presenting as a tactile anthology, inviting the reader to interact with different sections of the book... even requiring for pages to be torn apart in order to free a few “imprisoned passages” from Silva’s texts written during her time in prison.


No one has ever read Silva’s edited body of work, until now.

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