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The Full Story

The Project

IT SUDDENLY OCCURRED TO ME is the amalgamation of three different formats: A Book, Photography Exhibit, and Documentary

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At its core, the project serves as an experimental biography; one that explores the life and work of  YADIRA SILVA, a woman who found peace and redemption writing from within some of the worst prisons in Latin America.

The book, the documentary and the photography exhibit come as the conclusion of a 12- year collaboration between writer Yadira Silva and documentary filmmaker, CARLOS P. BELTRAN, offering an intimate view of a troubled, yet hopeful life.

Born in 1965, under extremely precarious conditions in Caracas, Venezuela, Silva was neglected, overworked and abused as a child. Writing became her way to cope with reality. With little to no formal education, her texts are unbound and unburdened by conventions, and showcase nothing but raw and honest self-expression.


As a teenager, poverty got the best of her. She was sentenced to 24 years in prison for a robbery gone wrong—an event that served as the catalyst to her self-discovery and prolific body of work;


... one that had been unpublished, until now.

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